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Imitation Liquid Anxiety Relief

I’m sure just about everyone in the world has dealt with some sort of anxiety or another. Anxiety sucks. There’s no getting around that. I dealt with really bad anxiety when I was in high school and at that point, the doctors actually prescribed me Xanax to help me relax and essentially stop caring about everything else going on in my life. It certainly did wonders for putting me to sleep, that’s for sure! I guess you could say that Xanax was my lifesaver in high school. It kept me level headed and kept me focused on the matters at hand without allowing me to go overboard.

This recipe is a wonderful substitution for Xanax. It keeps you relaxed without that super drugged up feeling which I definitely wasn’t a fan of while I was on the actual anxiety medication. This is what I like to call, Liquid Xanax. It uses five different types of essential oils and a carrier oil to help dilute and mix the other essential oils properly. That and it makes a ton of oil so I can use it over and over again whenever I become stressed. The picture above is the recipe I use. I hope it helps you relax as much as it helps me!

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