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How To Know To Go to the Doc for a Possible Broken Bone


Murphy’s Law: Anything that CAN go wrong¬†WILL.

Today I was coordinating a million things on the phone for moving into a new house tomorrow. We are staying in an un-childproofed hotel. The dog was being corralled inside the bottom of the hotel entertainment center, blocked in by the lightweight coffee table turned on it’s side. (Because, of course, she peed the crate this morning moments before I woke up and it was still drying—Murphy’s law again). Anyhow, I watched from the kitchen my husband change our little girl’s diaper on the bed, chatting with the power company. The next thing I know, only seconds later, I hear that the is flushing the toilet and then a crash in the living room. For the ten seconds matt went to the bathroom, our toddler managed to attempt to climb the coffee table, which crashed down on top of her legs when she fell.

Our little adventurer. I’m so grateful this wasn’t a SERIOUS piece of furniture because I”ve seen her try to climb those too. Hotel furniture should comply with child safety laws, no?

Anyhow, we got her out from under the table and her cries settled within a few minutes. I held her as she recovered and checked her legs and feet. I was able to move them in all directions without her wincing in pain or responding at all. However, I went to set her onto her feet and she immediately yelled out in pain and lifted her right foot into the air. Great. Looks like I”m going to have my first ER visit! (For anyone, including me, ever)

Matt said, “let me call my mom first.” Nurse mom. It just so happened that Matt’s little brother broke his foot around the age of three. Her advice was to give it 24 hours. If there’s no swelling or bruising now, it could just be, well—it hurts! If she still can’t walk on it tomorrow, we gotta take her in. And if the pain isn’t ever-present, there’s no need to go to the ER. The good ol’ family doc will do just fine, but you may have to head out for an X-Ray. I found the article below for some added peace of mind. Since none of these conditions apply to her right now, I’m allowing this 24 hour monitoring period.

So for now, I’m just letting her watch way more TV than she should, and giving her Arnica (my favorite homeopathic remedy). If she can’t stand tomorrow, to the doc’s we go. If you’ve had an injury that made you uncertain about it’s seriousness, read the below article for what to look for:

4 Reasons to Go to the Doc for a Possible Broken Bone

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