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Leafly autumn hat – free crochet pattern


Looking for a nice fall hat? Here you can find a free crochet pattern to make the Leafly autumn hat. A video tutorial is included for those who have difficulties reading patterns or just want to see how to make the stitches. If you know how to make a double crochet stitch, this hat will be no problem for you. The pattern works up pretty fast. The leaves are made with the so-called extreme drop stitche – it might sound hard at first, but it really is an easy and fun stitch to make!

The potential for colors for this hat is endless, so go ahead and enjoy playing with different colors. For example, if you’re from Canada,  use red yarn to create red leaves and you’ll have a patriotic Canada version! Add a pompom – if you like – to finish it off.


Leafly autumn hat – free crochet pattern

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