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How to Make A $40 Backsplash With Vinyl Flooring

We are on this boat right now. We have a white cabinet kitchen with a painted white wall. Zero backsplash. We wanted to keep our look fresh, but inexpensive, so Matt invested in peel-and-stick tiles. At first. We put a couple up and I didn’t love it. Plus, they total cost for our space would be $300-$400. Not much different than regular tile (depending on the quality you’re looking for of course!).

I just came across this post on pinterest and it caught my eye. Yes, $40 for a backsplash sounds fantastic. But will it LOOK fantastic. I gotta say, I like they’re final product. I’m sure with all of the vinyl flooring options out there I can find something that will strike my fancy. If you’re looking for an inexpensive backsplash DIY for your blank slate, check out how they did here at Re-Fabbed.

 Our $40 Backsplash {Using Vinyl Flooring} – Re-Fabbed

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