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Make Anti-Aging Toner with Green Tea + Pomegranate 

I realize not everyone has the skin care regimen that I have adhered to since the age of 12, but if you are reading this, then you already know what “toner” is. Which means, you also have a pretty strict skin care regimen (it takes one to know one!). Lately, alcohol-free witch hazel has been my go-to to close pores and remove cleanser residue after washing my face. But this alcohol-free toner is actually quite difficult to find in a store, and when I do find it, it’s always way more than I want to pay. Discovering that I can use green tea as a toner is just another “HOLY CRAP” diy moment I wish I had learned about much sooner. So easy, and in fact, I currently have pomegranate green tea in my cabinet. The recipe below calls for adding pomegranate juice to the toner, but I am going to try it with what I have first.

Anti-Aging Homemade Toner with Green Tea + Pomegranate

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