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How to Make Bunny Brew: Managing Rabbit Manure On The Homestead


I have two non-homesteading friends with bunnies and knew a girl in college who had one too. That guy bit my foot once for no reason at all. Little jerk! My mom got us two bunnies for Easter one year when I was about 8. I think that lasted 2 days before they were sent to my aunt’s farm. I still don’t know why! Anyhow, rabbits are an easy pet to keep and an even better homestead contributor, thanks to the nutrient-rich manure they produce. The Old Trodden Lane explains how to do, and you can see from the visual above that they collect the “output” with this sloped pan into a bucket. My only concern is that the rabbits aren’t just sitting on the wire rim of the cage their whole lives. They need a comfortable place to sit and more roaming space than what’s above. So let your rabbits out!

Read the full tutorial below:

How to Use Rabbit Manure as Fertilizer

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