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How to Make Changes That Minimize Oil Dependence


I LOVE this post. Attainable Sustainable does a great job of reminding us the many little things we can do to reduce our carbon imprint and lighten the load that our oil usage is placing on the environment. The truth is, our culture is lazy. I can see it in my own family members. The recycle bin is outside? Oh well, just throw it in the regular garbage. Water bottles are easier to buy than installing water filters. Gas-powered cars accelerate faster than hybrid or electric cars. We can do better, folks! AND WE NEED TO! Now more than ever. I don’t want my children to bear the burden of our laziness and poor decisions. These are mostly small sacrifices to make. Please consider making them!!

Read the post in the link below.

 Oil and Fuel: Changes You Can Make to Cut Dependence

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