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How to Make Chocolate Doughnut Twists 


If someone asked me what my one guilty pleasure was, I’d have to say doughnuts. I have a serious affinity for the deep-fried and sweet treat and have no problem gobbling down two or three in one sitting. Bavarian Cream (or Boston Cream, or custard-filled, whatever it is you’d like to call it) are my favorite. I’ve tried many different fancy doughnuts the last few years, but none make my heart sing like that custard does. Even a basic, perfect glazed doughnut will make my day.  I never considered making them myself. Seems almost ridiculous if you don’t own a deep fryer (which we HAVE owned, but no longer do).

However, this recipe is actually very simple and no deep fryer required! Check it out:

The Classics: Chocolate Doughnut Twists – The Candid Appetite

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