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How to Make Hard Apple Cider at Home


Apple Cider is all the rage these days. And now with autumn on its way, apples will be in abundance. Nothing says fall like a good cider and pumpkin pie! If you have an apple orchard or live near one, this is a no-brainer!

To make this you would need:

– 5-gallon bottle (carboy) or food grade bucket with tight-fitting lid
– Funnel
– 1 bung & airlock set  (either the size for your carboy or drill a hole in your bucket to fit)

-Saucepan for making a simple sugar
– A second 5-gallon container (carboy or bucket)
– 3/8″ Hose
– Bottle Capper
– Bottle Caps
– Bottles
– Bottle Brush

Read on for how truly simple it is to make Hard Apple Cider, especially if you’ve ever made wine or beer. This is a breeze!


How to Make Hard Apple Cider at Home

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