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How to Make Hunting Calls


My father was a hunter for about ten years. He was recruited by a brother in law to take fall trips into Canada for deer hunting. He never got a deer, but he did have the one-time fortune of seeing a black bear running down a hillside and took his shot. That bear pelt stayed in our freezer for almost a year before making it to the taxonomist, and then hung on our wall, awkwardly, for 15 years. My dad never hunted again. I think it was a mama bear he shot, and though he never admitted it, I think he just didn’t have the heart for hunting.

My uncle, the other hand, was a wildly successful hunter, and a peek into his living room was instant evidence of that.

According to him, patience is the best predictor of hunting success. Having a good hunting call is a close second.

If you’re trying to up your hunting game, here are a few tutorials on how to make a deer call, a turkey call, and a coyote call:

How to Make Homemade Hunting Calls

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