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How To Make A Wooden Snowman From Spindles 


Don’t let Walmart and Target tell you that you NEED new decorations every year, or even every few years. OR EVER! I spent a total of $50 in new-to-me Christmas decorations including a string of lights, tree topper, garland and beautiful ornaments for the tree, two strands of lit garland and plenty of gift tags, little gift bags, ribbon, photo card invitations, even stockings and stocking hangers. You wouldn’t know any of it is used, and I probably would have spent about $150-$200 on all of those things if I purchased them new.

Something like this Snowman is a wonderful DIY and really quite simple to do if you have the space to work and the right tools! Here is the tutorial courtesy Grillo Designs:

 How To Make A Wooden Snowman From Spindles • Grillo Designs

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