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No Sandwich Lunches! 


If you have kids, then you are constantly mentally and physically preparing meals. The ones you make at home are easy, for the most part. You can all eat together, and then dole out portions. But when you send your babies off to school, you want to make a concerted effort to make a healthy, yet tasty lunch that they will eat and ask for again! Most of all, you want the effort to be minimal. Naturally, our culture is a fan of sandwiches. They are our quintessential “lunch”. But they aren’t always the healthiest choice, and rarely provide enough veggies. While some of the options in the article below can hardly qualify as a meal in my opinion, many still do, and if nothing else, you’ve got great ideas for snacks on the go. Check out this compilation of sandwich-free lunch recipes at What Lisa Cooks:

No Sandwich Lunches! — What Lisa Cooks

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