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How to Prevent Head Lice


Credit: lacetoleather.com

Now that the kiddos are back in school it’s time to start taking precautions so you don’t live through the hell that is head lice eradication. Apparently, this process is lengthy and understandably disturbing. Unfortunately, children in close quarters are prone to sharing all sorts of gross diseases and bugs, so sometimes despite your best efforts, you’re stuck home with a sick kid or a case of head lice. There are steps you can and should take, however, to decrease the chances that your child gets head lice. They HATE strong smelling essential oils like eucalyptus and tea tree (as do most bugs) so go grab that asap if you don’t have any.

Here is what to do with them and the other ways to prevent this kind of hygiene disaster:

KEEP LICE AWAY | Safe Natural Cures

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