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Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment: 6 Home Remedies 


I have been getting leg cramps a lot lately especially at night and I thought maybe I had a Restless Leg Syndrome condition since it’s not uncommon and has a lot of causes. However, I found out that I was wrong, by definition restless leg syndrome is the urge to move your leg when you are resting, which is different than what I am having. It gets better when you are moving around during the day and gets worse in the afternoon and at night. Restless leg syndrome has many causes, it can be genetic, caused by a nutrient deficiency, pregnancy, ADHD, varicose veins and other diseases.

If you have or suspect to have this condition you should read this article from David Wolfe that explains symptoms and causes of restless leg syndrome and gives 6 different home remedies for it.

Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment: 6 Home Remedies 

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