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How to save water-damaged furniture 

It is very sad how many people have lost their homes recently from the hurricanes that hit Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. It doesn’t matter how much we prepare for hurricanes like these, there is no way to avoid losses. I was thinking that there are areas that had less damage, and people are not paying attention to them because there are areas that are a higher priority. In these areas, one of the things that might happened is that the flooding may have affected the furniture for example.

I dug up this article, straight from the NJ.com website post-Hurricane Sandy, when so many homes were flooded. As much as we know wood should never be soaked in water, it is not necessarily a death sentence for your furniture. With a little drying out, technique and elbow grease, you should have your water damaged furniture back in shape in no time! Here’s how:


 Expert’s restoration tips to save water-damaged furniture | NJ.com

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