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Survive An Alligator Attack


There is a majestic place here in South Carolina, a semi-island between 2 lakes,  that I love going to every summer. However, this place crawls with alligators, mostly small nonaggressive ones thanks to the park authority. But as my kids are growing and becoming more active, I started taking precautions, like educating myself or avoiding that place. But every once in a while I still go there for a family barbecue.


Pic Credit: Trip Advisor

It goes without saying, but most importantly avoid encounters with alligators, small ones even more than big ones, because if the gator is less than 4 feet long, the mother won’t be far. Also if you saw a big nest made of small sticks it’s most likely an alligator nest, don’t go there! You would be very lucky to survive an Alligator attack, but inform yourself so that if you or someone you love gets stuck in a situation like this you will at least have a shot at escaping. Here are some tips from an article by an alligator attack survivor about how to get out of an attack:

If you see an alligator, run! Alligators are fast but probably, they won’t go chasing you far.

If you are already caught, gouge the gator’s eyes or stick something in its snout, if you don’t have any tools use your fingers.

In water or dry land, if the alligator starts rolling roll with it in the same direction to avoid getting ripped apart. Keep attacking the eyes and nose and throat.


Source: Getting Out Alive: Survive An Alligator Attack

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