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baking soda

The Difference Between Natural and Dutch-Process Cocoa Powder, and When to Use Each

Although I’ve heard of the designation “Dutch-Process Cocoa” I don’t think it ever would have occurred to me, until now, to think there was a difference between that and regular cocoa, so much so that I really didn’t even absorb that there were two differing things here. The difference between the two products come down...Read More

How To Test Your Stomach Acid And Other Baking Soda Remedies

When you’re pregnant, your body starts to do things it doesn’t normally do. Recently, I have developed pretty significant acid reflux. I have to eat very small meals to prevent this (something I’m not accustomed to!), which really is a good move anyway. However, I am intrigued by this baking soda test. I’m not sure...Read More

How to Make Toothpaste: 7 Natural Toothpaste Recipes

The five minutes it takes to make as mall batch of this toothpaste, which should last your family of 4 at least a few weeks, is not only worth the savings in what you’ll spend on toothpaste (compare $5 tube from the pharmacy to ¬†approximately $1 of the homemade version) but the hope is that...Read More