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Jul 12

FREE (vet-endorsed!) Chicken Coop Upgrades

Happy chickens make for better eggs! Check out these tips to make your coop the coolest one in town. All the other chickens will want to come over and hang out! I love the swing. Follow the link below for some really great easy tips to improve your coop: FREE (poultry vet-endorsed!) chicken coop upgrades

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Jun 09

How to Train Chickens to Come When Called 

Funny how we all seem to be conditioned to think only dogs and horses can be trained. So many times I’ve seen someone walking their cat on a leash and heard chuckles and saw pointed fingers (ok, I was the one pointing!) But seriously! Behavioral training principles really work the same for any animal. In …

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Apr 05

Keep Chicken Feed Costs Down With Grazing Boxes

What are grazing boxes? Just what they sound like: boxes that chickens graze on. The boxes are essentially planters protected with hardware cloth. The seeds—grains and greens—sprout, eventually growing taller than the hardware cloth which allows the chickens to peck at the fresh buffet. See the link below for the relatively simple DIY instructions: Grazing Box For Chickens

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