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Jun 12

How to take rose cuttings and grow roses in potatoes

Well, this is cool. Simply cut healthy rose stems, push the bottom ends of your rose cuttings in large potatoes, and then bury them 3-4 inches deep in a healthy soil mixture of peet moss and top soil. The potatoes help the stems retain moisture as they develop roots. Get the full tutorial below: How …

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May 10

How To Grow Climbing Roses

Introduce a climbing rose into your garden or latticework fence this summer! The acrobats of the rose world come in a variety of colors. Check out the flower guide to find out which will thrive in your region. How to Grow Climbing Roses

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May 03

Grow Peonies

  We used to have Peonies, and I must say, they are a gorgeous flower. I really miss them. They have a mild floral scent and seemed to have a really long bloom. They are great for inside, as well, or as a gift! Here are a few tips for growing them yourself: Grow Peonies

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Apr 08

Best Plants For Low Maintenance Gardens

I would maybe add begonias to this list, but these are all good hits here. Speaking from my experience, and having as un-green of a thumb as humanly possible, I can say these are all low maintenance as it gets and give you a lot of bang for the buck so to speak. Love the …

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Apr 04

Chandelier Planter Tutorial

  If you dont have an old chandelier laying around, check Craigslist or yard sales. You can usually find them pretty cheap. Once you have it, this DIY project is pretty simple. Check the link below for a tutorial. Chandelier Planter

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