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The hot drink for cold and allergies

This was the first year for my son in preschool, and once your children start going to school, they keep introducing unwelcome germs to your home and the rest of the family. We went through a couple of cold cycles until a friend gave me this great recipe. Since then, colds and allergies are not as bad or as long. The key is not just to repel germs. They are everywhere. And when it comes to little ones, there is no getting around the exposure. Once germs are introduced into the body, they need to be attacked by a strong immune system. Dimetapp doesn’t do that. Tylenol doesn’t do that. But certain herbs and foods are known to bolster the immune response while also fighting off the offending virus or bacteria. This concoction does just that!

When it comes to allergies, if you suffer from them, you already know the environment is pretty unavoidable! The dust mites are IN your home. The tree pollen is OUTSIDE of your windows, being filtered in to your home and redistributed with your HVAC system. So, what does a fantastic job of helping to temper the histamine response? Apple Cider Vinegar and LOCAL honey. It has to be raw and local because the bees in your area are accustomed to the plant life that you are being exposed to.

We did not like the taste at the beginning but after a while, we started to drink this tea even if we didn’t need it and I am quite certain it has helped prevent a lot of the colds and allergies. Usually, around this time of the year, I would be suffering the consequences of tree mating season. This year has been going good so far!

This herbal drink was a big help through the cold season as well. I started making a full pot every morning and keep pouring for me and everyone else in the family for the rest of the day.

The ingredients of this magic solution are:

  • ginger root
  • lemon
  • cinnamon sticks
  • apple cider vinegar (ACV)
  • local honey

Cut the ginger root and the lemon in slices then put the slices of ginger root and lemon in boiling water along with the cinnamon, let them boil for a couple of minutes. Take the pot off the stove let it sit for a few minutes then pour into a cup. Add the local honey and add as much as you can bear of apple cider vinegar to the cup. I don’t mind ACV so I put one to two tablespoons in.

I found that this drink helps with coughing, sore throat, itchy nose, and really boosts your energy through the day. Please give it a try and come back and let us know what you think!

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