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Tips for Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint:  A No-Prep Furniture Paint!

I’m just learning about chalk pain and Annie Sloan, the original chalk paint, in particular. Boy, do I wish I knew about this sooner! About 15 years ago I inherited my grandparent’s antique bedroom set. I saw an opportunity to refinish and, henceforth, my DIY interest began. It practically halted at that first project with my attempt to strip even ONE bed slat of the bedframe. It took me hours and it only removed one layer of lacquer. I quit at that point, knowing I still have an entire bedroom set to work on and wondered how anyone ever did this?

With Chalk Paint, stripping is taken out of the equation completely. The most you have to do is clean a piece and buff out scratches and fill in chips with wood filler. Then you get a piece like the one above in about half a day’s work. This is why this movement towards upcycling antique pieces and outdated furniture has taken off so: It couldn’t be easier to do! Read all about it in the link below, and some really useful tips if you decide to take a paint brush to grandma’s dresser:

 Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – Tips For Beginners – Canary Street Crafts

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