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Vehicle Survival Kit

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I don’t believe in sudden overnight catastrophe happening without any preceding signs, but I do like to be prepared in case such a thing happened. If you think about it the best place to store your survival kit is in your vehicle.


When Hurricane Mathew happened I was one of those who had to evacuate. Although I didn’t need to use my kit for anything, at least I had a peace of mind that I had everything I needed for emergencies in my car. The worst case scenario I had in mind was that route 95 will get flooded and I would end up trapped in my car.


This by the way almost happened to me when I was driving from New Hampshire south on 95 as well when a blizzard hit the area. Seeing all kinds of vehicles stranded in the snow, that’s when I learned to appreciate my car at that time which was a Honda CR-V.

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Anyways, I have found this post here that kind of sums up what we might want to have in our car for emergencies. One thing I might choose differently is the choice of packing container. I would prefer having my kit packed inside a big metal can with a metal cover (like this paint can) The reason is that I can use it to boil water, make charcoal, or cook in it.

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Check the site below for more about what you need in a car survival kit. Can you think of something else you would want to have in our car?



Vehicle Survival Kit

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