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If You’ve Ever Woken From Sleep Unable To Move, Here’s What It Means… 


This is a good one, folks. If you are reading this, then you already relate to this phenomenon. I can tell you, this was an almost daily occurence for me as a teen. Perhaps it was stress-related, though I don’t recall feeling overly stressed. Maybe in my home life and my relationship with my mom. Normal teenage stuff. But I can still recall the feelings of being completely paralyzed, but worse, also as though someone was in the room. A lot of the time I was convinced my cat was crawling up to my face from my feet, so distinct was the feeling of pressure on my body from “feet”. Accompanying that physicaly feeling was a distinct sound, almost as in a movie when the monster was rounding a corner, a sort of, “DOOoooooooooooaaaan…..” And, panicked, I would scream at myself in my head, “Wake up. wake up!! MOVE MOVE!!” Until finally I was able to break free from the paralysis and jump out of bed to turn on the light. Only to find I was alone. No cat, even. Can you imagine how terrifying this might be for a 15 year old? Happened all the damn time. And you know, it STILL happens to me as an adult, but not as frequently.  I’ve read that people who believe they were abducted by aliens were actually experiencing this paralysis. However, from my perspective, it was a very short episode, and I never saw or felt anything beyond what I just described.

Anyhow, there are scientific and somewhat psychological reasons for this happening. Read about it at Healthy Life and FItness:

 If You’ve Ever Woken Up At Night Unable To Move, Here’s What It Means… – Healthy Life and Fitness

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